Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Superimposition" series by Boris Mikhailov

Photo from the "Superimposition" series (late 60s - early 70s) by Boris Mikhailov, c-print

Boris Mikhailov (1938, Kharkov, Ukraine), is considered one of the most significant contemporary photographers. Mikhailov has the ability to discover the unusual where others see nothing. His working method is conceptual and social-documentary. His photographs are regarded as historical documents, means of creating works of art, self-portraits, and political comments.

An exhibition comprised of 32 works, including large-format ones, from the Superimposition series, opens June 30 at Merano Arte in Merano, Italy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Two Figures in Bathroom" (2006) by Yang Qian

"Two Figures in Bathroom" (2006) by Yang Qian. Oil on canvas. 59 x 79 in. (149.9 x 200.7 cm).

From an auction. Please note that it's a painting, not a photo.

Femmes à leur Toilette: Paintings by Yang Qian

A woman at her bath or “toilette” has been a persistant theme in Western art and Christian iconography. It refers to the most intimate ablutions—cleanliness and thus Godliness—of a woman's daily life. Related to the Jewish idea of the Mikvah, the theme is also a meditation on sacred and profane love, hence good and evil.

Yang Qian (“Yahn Chen”) updates these images for the contemporary viewer with steamy showers and bathrooms yet with a certain inherently oriental reticence.
A veil of steam “mist-ifies” the body as it provokes erotic desire; conceals as it reveals. Chinese modesty about the naked female body combined with the artist's skill is the source of the compelling sublety and beauty in these paintings.

– Michael Berger, 2005

Yang Qian lives and works in Beijing, China.


Friday, June 15, 2007

"Elizabeth (4)" by Michael Berkowitz

"Elizabeth (4)" by Michael Berkowitz. Sepia toned silver gelatin print; Limited Edition; 7" x 7" (unframed). You can buy this for only $450.00.

Photo Courtesy Raandesk Gallery of Art

Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Model on a Red Bed" by Gerard van de Weerd

"Model on a Red Bed (Model op rood bed)" by Gerard van de Weerd, oil on panel, 35 x 50 cm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Adam and Eve After the Expulsion" (2006) by Sarah Bereza

"Adam and Eve After the Expulsion" (2006) by Sarah Bereza. Each 62" x 24 1/2" x 4". Oil on Panel, frame: Styrofoam, epoxy, wood, acrylic

Sarah Bereza (1979, Grand Rapids, MI). Graduated BFA University of Michigan in 2001.

A lifetime before I moved to hipster-central, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I was a sorority girl at the University of Michigan. The salacious underbelly of this time-honored community still continues to fascinate me. This world of friendship, camaraderie, sex and violence from my past became a kind of springboard for my career as a serious artist. (source)