Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"The Lonely Doll I" (1998) by David LaChapelle

"Well, there’s a lot of different statements going on, I mean, there’s celebrity images, pictures of some of the most famous people that make up our world. Madonna, Elton John. There’s also the most obscure people, people that are marginal, like Sharon Gault, who’s a very large woman and looks like a gigantic doll. I did her as a lonely doll on a hillside (Gault was the make-up artist Madonna giggled at in the In Bed with Madonna movie after she told her, 'I woke up and my butt was bleeding')." (link)

"In 'The Lonely Doll,' a chubby nude woman lies under a plastic dome in a vast plowed field. Something is terribly wrong with her right hand." (link)

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