Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sculpture by John DeAndrea

This installation by sculptor John DeAndrea was exhibited at the Sorry, We're Closed gallery in Brussels, Belgium in 2005.

That gallery is located in the heart of Brussels and isn't a classical gallery but a vitrine / window / white cube only open towards the street, which is always closed and lit day and night.

John DeAndrea's (1941, Denver, Colorado) realistic figures are cast from life and rendered in minute detail. Hair is set into plastic scalps, brows and pubes a few strands at a time. The oil polychrome 'skins' reveal moles, tiny veins, and scars. For draped works, garments are taken apart and reassembled on the fully painted bodies.

"These amazing simulacra are among the most enduring legacies of Photorealism, and they have gained John DeAndrea an international reputation."

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