Friday, March 02, 2007

"The War Room" (2007) by Richard Jackson

"The War Room" (2007) by Richard Jackson, installation (detail)

From the press release of his first exhibition at Yvon Lambert New York (February 24, 2007 – March 22, 2007):

"An admitted art anarchist, for over forty years California installation artist Richard Jackson has been exploring and challenging the conceptual and physical boundaries of painting and the artist – and making a mess of galleries and museums in the process. Assaulting viewers with humor and vulgarity that belies the underlying rhetoric and intellectual rigor of the work, Jackson’s work belongs to – and perhaps even defines – the distinct tradition of art about art. Straddling the line between performance and installation, Jackson’s preposterous painting machines are relics of a brief performance action, meditating on the labor itself of making art as well as on art’s continuing ability to reflect contemporary society."

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