Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Mambo Jambo" by The Perez Prado Orchestra

"Mambo Jambo" by The Perez Prado Orchestra (Globe Records in Stereo! / Japanese).

Found here at LP Cover Lover. See more in the "nudes" category.

Listen to samples at, or buy the single copy left in stock (and leave a comment so I can update this text). See him perform his biggest hit, Mambo No. 5:


Anonymous said...

i'm sympatico with the blog concept, some interesting posts. expected the yuskavage and currin, jan saudek, etc. but i don't see any gaston lachaise, did i miss it?

David J. Angelovich said...

No, you didn't miss him. Thanks for the suggestion, I've put him on the to-do list!


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