Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"La Femme Nue" (1982) by Robert Combas

Lot 173 "La Femme Nue" (1982) by Robert Combas. Acrylique sur papier. 159 x 120 cm. From an auction.

Robert Combas is a French painter and sculptor, born in 1957 in Sete in the south of France and now living and working in Paris.

He is widely recognized as a progenitor of the figuration libre movement that began in Paris around 1980 as a reaction to the art establishment in general and minimalism and conceptual art in particular.

Figuration libre is often regarded as having roots in Fauvism and Expressionism and is linked to contemporary movements such as Bad Painting and Neo-expressionism. It draws on pop cultural influences such as graffiti, cartoons and rock music in an attempt to produce a more varied, direct and honest reflection of contemporary society, often satirizing or critiquing its excesses.

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