Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Voluptuous figures of middle-aged women whose heads have been removed

Lin Tianmiao Mother's!!! No. 12 (detail) 2008 Courtesy: The artist and Long March Space, Beijing

The white, voluptuous figures of middle-aged women, whose heads have been removed, or remain abstract and devoid of human features, have been placed in deliberately ambiguous postures. The surface of these bodies are delicately wrapped in a pearl-like material, these figures at times placed in private remonstrations suggesting the expelling of bodily waste, or seemingly pulled apart and laid bare, the innards of the body transformed into ominous balls and threads which suggest an interconnected relationship with the animal and plant world. The boundaries between people and their surroundings; male and female; internal and external; between different types of species, are blurred and broken, creating a chaotic environment which questions the nature of the world it inhabits. (source)

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