Monday, September 18, 2006

"Pet Thang" (1991) by Tracey Moffatt

"Pet Thang #4" (1991) by Tracey Moffatt, #4 from a series of 6 images, photograph, 110 × 71cm, Edition of 30

Tracey Moffatt (1960) is an Australian artist who primarily uses photography and video. Her work is held in various international private and public collections including MOMA (NYC), Tate Modern (London) and Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles).

Tracey Moffatt first came to prominence in the Australian art world with her series Something More. First exhibited at the Australian Centre for Photography in 1989, the series set the tone and themes of much of her latter work. In a sequence of nine images, Something More is a loose narrative in which the artist puns on the possible meanings of the title and its veiled references to sadomasochism.

Moffatt's photographic series of works such as Pet Thang [1991] and Laudanum [1998] returned to the themes of Something More exploring mixed and sometimes obscure references to issues of sexuality, history, representation and race. Other series of images, notably Scarred for Life [1994] and Scarred for Life II [1999] again tackled these themes but which took the form of book or magazine illustrations with captions offering ironic and humorous commentaries on the images.

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