Friday, September 08, 2006

"Westminster" (2006) by Erik Sandberg

Erik Sandberg (Quantico, VA, USA), "one of the most brilliant young painters in the Washington area" according to Fraser Gallery, lives and works in Washington, DC. He is a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts, George Mason University (1995), a recipient of the Morris Louis Fellowship (1999) and has a Masters in Fine Arts in Painting, George Washington University (2000).

The Washington Post writes that "Sandberg is a gifted young painter whose small, dark oils depict in exquisite detail people in various stages of undress performing a variety of contortions and acts that cannot be mentioned or shown in a family newspaper. Think Hieronymus Bosch meets Madonna at a leather gym. There's nothing easy about these works that seem to depict a multitude of virtues and vices, but it's hard to look away."

You can buy a print of the work above for 45$.

If anyone knows where to find larger versions of these paintings please leave a comment.

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