Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Four paintings by Terry Rodgers

"Approximations of Immortality" (2003) by Terry Rodgers, 48" x 56", oil on linen
"The Triumph of Venus" (2005) by Terry Rodgers, 63" x 96", oil on linen
"The Vortex" (2003) by Terry Rodgers, 62" x 66", oil on linen

Homework for the art students out there: compare the classic "The Triumph of Venus" by Alessandro Magnasco with the painting with the same title above. Please post your essays in the comments.

Terry Rodgers is an internationally recognized artist who has worked and lived in Massachusetts, Washington, DC, and Ohio. He has had solo exhibitions in Amsterdam and Milan, and participated in group shows around the world. In the United States he has had solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago. He has been featured in numerous publications in America and abroad including Die Welt, Art in America, Citizen K, German GQ, and FLAUNT to name a few.

Rodgers' current work focuses on the life of upper middle class, seemingly adrift in affluence and casualness, unsatisfied and disconnected. These paintings are not snapshots or slices of life, not verite records of actual party situations or family scenes, nor are they diaristic records of his life, but carefully constructed and composited fictions, designed to elicit the most meaning and sustain the maximum amount of ambiguity.

Terry Rodgers attended Amherst College, with a major in Fine Arts. His strong interest in film and photography influenced his style in the direction of representational realism in art. He spends summers each year in Southern France painting from life and photographically capturing the gestures, faces, and figures that inhabit the 21st Century milieu that he depicts in his paintings.

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