Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Untitled (Brown Flower Bed)" (2005) by Suzannah Sinclair

Suzannah Sinclair makes sensual, autobiographical 70s-style paintings. Many of her female figures are lifted from 1960 Playboys and combined with rainbow patterns reminiscent of 1970's disco, wallpaper motifs. Her work is painted on wood stained panels and at times contain a vapid painful yet sensual emotion.

With these new works, Ms. Sinclair's stripes and rainbows find form in the vintage textiles of bedsheets and fashions. The motifs and figures give an uncompromisingly sensual and painful feel. We are lost in the the innocent want, the self and/or the other.

With this disconnection, be it real loss or lust, there is an anticipation of many possibilities. Much sadness and boredom pervade the figures, but the suggestive poses and their delicate rendering suggest a serious beauty, as if everything is just peachy. Vapid melancholia and dull depression can be romantic. Rest, violence and death are lewdly implied.


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