Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Mary Jesus Hooters" (2007) by Ed Mironiuk

"Mary Jesus Hooters" (2007) by Ed Mironiuk

From "Merry Titmas", a group exhibition curated by Lenora Claire at the World of Wonder storefront gallery space in LA.

LAist: The painting of the Holy Mother wearing a Hooters tank top will clearly offend a lot of people. Especially because instead of the Messiah in the manger, it' s a couple dozen hot wings. When exactly did you sell your soul to the Devil?

Lenora Claire: I've always said art much like breasts should be in your face. Since this is a show about art and breasts I started thinking of taking something as classic as a typical nativity scene and giving it a pop twist. I really feel that is the Virgin Mary found herself knocked up today that she would have to go work at Hooters to support the baby Jesus. Like everything I do there are high brow and low brow elements. It's all about subversion.

Sure on one level people are going to be shocked but that is what gets them talking. You can either get off on the humor of it or the bold feminist statement. Or you can be offended. My goal with this show is to stimulate and titillate and I know I've accomplished that. I'm just lucky I was able to wrangle my friend Ed Mironiuk in to drawing it as it would be less impressive if I was left to expressing myself with my finger painting skills.



YNF said...

Great... Hooter Christ!

scott diggs underwood said...

cool painting

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about my show!