Saturday, June 14, 2008

Google AdSense Programme Policies vs A Tiny Painted Vulva

Update: this post lost us our Google Ads. Because of a painted vulva. And a complaining commenter probably. "As stated in our programme policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or mature content." So Art Boobs is looking for a new sponsor.

"Darling! I Have so Many Times Told You Not to Take Photos of Me All the Time!" by Jaroslaw Kukowski, oil on board, 60x80 cm.

I''ll let fellow blogger Jahsonic defend this painting: "There are a 1001 reasons not to like Jarosław Kukowski , the first one probably that his art is kitsch. But so is Odd Nerdrum’s, John Currin’s, Hajime Sorayama’s and most other new figurative artists of the post-war era. There is only one reason not not to like Kukowski, and that is this Venus."

More desktop wallpaper sized paintings here.


YNF said...


John Eje Thelin said...

Reason 1002: he couldn't be bothered to get someone to fix his English syntax for him.

r8r said...

Cute painting! I'd love to see an entire calendar set of twelve of these mermaids! This is the perfect kitsch note for that.

bog boobs lover said...

Ever since i saw big natural tits something has made my life so much better. Just the round shape and the fullness of titties make me so happy.