Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Live With Her

Jans Muskee | Midlife Highlights | To Live With Her, 2006 Oil Pastel On Paper 200 x 150 cm

This image is from the website of a gallery that represents the artist. Weirdly they advise that "no image on this page may be used on other websites".


Rillart said...

wat is het verschil-met het origineel

David J. Angelovich said...

Q: "wat is het verschil-met het origineel":

Google Translation: Dutch » English:
"what is the difference-with the original?"

A: Huh? It's an Oil Pastel On Paper. What do you mean "original"? (Presuming Google has translated you words right)

From his bio: "Jans Muskee makes enormous wax crayon drawings based on reality. But what kind of reality? Can these photo-realistic representations really exist? At first there seems little reason to believe otherwise: given a superficial analysis, everything appears straightforward. However, once triggered by the sight of something strange in a drawing, there appear to be complications in the relationships between the main characters. Confessions, secret wishes, fears, loneliness and primarily a great deal of sex. Muskee’s work portrays his keen visual eye: the observations of an artist who always commits himself to physical participation in powerful scenes filled with realistic lessons about life itself. A catalogue featuring Muskee’s work will shortly be presented in Berlin, Brussels and Utrecht."