Monday, October 02, 2006

"Doll in White" (2006) by Emily Simek

Th press release of a joint show by Emily Simek and Madeleine Hellmers at Toronto's G+ Galleries is a feast of mumbo-jumbo ArtSpeak™:

Both artists share an interest in personal symbolism and archetypes, modes of representation and communication, and the subconscious. Each negotiates between chaos and order, between the rational and irrational. Dreamed/imagined reality and lived reality collide and are represented on the same plane. In playing with diametrically opposed opposites, the 'lines' between them begin to blur; the space that exists 'between' often materializes as banal objects or ubiquitous expanses of land, urban or otherwise. The works' contexts are occasionally extended by the use of fractured narratives or titles which relate to them indirectly. This marriage of disparate images is also reinforced by the sculptural use of string throughout a portion of the gallery which stands as a metaphor for the continuity of thought/experience, and represents the continuous attempt to resolve fragmented elements through their synthesis and association.

What I think? Tits + rope bondage + art = Welcome to Art Boobs!

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