Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Three paintings (2004-2005) by Agnieszka Sandomierz

"Untitled" (2004) by Agnieszka Sandomierz, 25x50 tempera żółtkowa, płótno.
"Untitled" (2005) by Agnieszka Sandomierz, 130x160 tempera żółtkowa, płótno.

Agnieszka Sandomierz (1978) studied in the Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw, with Professor Jarosław Modzelewski. In 2003, she took her degree with a mention from the Painting Department, under Professor Wiesław Szamborski. Since 1999, she has taken part in several group exhibitions, as has ten individual exhibitions to her credit.

For Agnieszka Sandomierz, as for several artists of her age, the starting point is a new pop-art. This can be seen in the frames of her paintings, in how substantive and ordinary they are. However, Agnieszka’s paintings exceed the limits of an impersonal pop-art. They tend to omit its rigours, rather than overcoming them. Instantly striking is the momentum and freedom with which they are painted. We can see how an ornament fills in the space anew, creating a decorative wallpaper. Intimacy squeezes out any ‘political’ commentaries there. The painter likes to improvise, and she can excellently feel the fetishist power of brands and erotic extras. She would show ‘the way young lovers do’ in dozens of ways; as if she wanted to get saturated with any and all tastes possible.


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