Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Untitled (Tongue)" by Terry Richardson

Born in 1965 in New York to a fashion photographer father and stylist mother and raised in France, Hollywood, Woodstock, Terry Richardson's childhood was far from average. Growing up in Hollywood with the punk scene in full swing, Terry began documenting his environment. The images of his friends and his life from this period show a generation lost to broken homes, sex, and beer. After completing his education, Terry made his way back to New York where he continued exploring documentary photography, this time recording the brutality of sexual abandon and the harsh, lonely reality of the early 90’s drug culture in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

It was during this period that Terry started working as a fashion photographer and his images started appearing in magazines such as The Face, I-D, Dazed and Confused, Purple, Harper’s Bazaar, W, British Vogue, GQ, and Index. Terry's provocative and energetic images in such campaigns as Sisley and, most recently Gucci, would help transform fashion photography.

Although his personal work stands separate from his commercial work, Terry continues to bridge the gap between the two by incorporating elements from one into the other. While Terry’s work in the fashion industry has been satisfying, he believes it has enabled him, more importantly, to continue exploring his fascination with the human condition. Since the mid-90's, Terry has had three books of his personal photographs published, Son of Bob (Little More, 1999), Hysteric Glamour (Hysteric Glamour, 1996), and most recently Feared by Men, Desired by Women published 2000 by Guiding Light of Shine Gallery, London. Taschen has released a book on his complete works.


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